All may be fair in love and war, but this is ornithology.

Will love take wing?

When a competition to become Birder of the Year is announced, rival professors Beth Pickering and Devon Lockley are forced to team up to have any chance of winning. They simply can't trust anyone, including each other - for while all may be fair in love and war, this is ornithology!

You can read the first chapter at the back of The Secret Service of Tea and Treason!  

Coming July 23rd, 2024

"Holton continues to be the world's leading engineer of the romp. The Ornithologist's Field Guide to Love is positively confectionary: a sweetly earnest love story wrapped in layers of sharp word-play, deadly magical birds, and cheeky narrative awareness." 

NYT Bestselling Author Alix E. Harrow

“Holton’s prose winks and sparkles with wit and magic, flitting expertly between laugh-out-loud hijinks, swoon-worthy romance, and adventure filled with fowl play. The Ornithologist’s Field Guide to Love is pure, rollicking fun—and will set your heart aflutter.” 

Allison Saft, New York Times bestselling author of A Fragile Enchantment 

“This book is so riotously clever it almost defies description. It's like an alchemy of romantic elements held in perfect harmony. India Holton infuses the story with wry wit and meta inside jokes. Every sentence is positively vibrating with the kind of charm that will have you pressing your lips together with laughter. And yet amid all the outrageous and camp fun, Holton also succeeds in building a genuine love story – between two people who have kept the world at a distance for years but somehow find a home within each other. And if that doesn't sell you, then you should at least know this book has one of the funniest twists on the ‘one bed’ trope I've read in a long time.” 


"Few things are as delightful as an India Holton book, and every time I get the chance to read one, it feels like Christmas morning. Clever wordplay, gorgeous prose, adventure, and romance that made my heart happy-sigh over and over--The Ornithologist's Field Guide to Love has EVERYTHING that I want in a novel and the reading experience was like sitting in a magic cauldron, bubbling over with joy. I want to read about Beth and Devon and magical birds forever. I want a nine hundred page sequel about these two lovebirds (!) ambling all over the world. I knew before opening this book that it was going to be tremendous fun, and IT WAS". 

Sarah Hogle, author of Old Flames and New Fortunes 

"India Holton’s writing is not only the most vibrantly unique I’ve ever read, but also the tears-in-your-eyes funniest. Her characters—from the rivaling heroes to their colorful supporting cast—all sparkle with pure wit, swoon-worthy charisma, and magical warmth. I want to dive headfirst into The Ornithologist’s Field Guide to Love and live forever among the feathered creatures and charming academia."

Kate Golden, author of A Dawn of Onyx 

"By Jove! ORNITHOLOGISTS is a delightfully madcap rivals-to-lovers romp featuring India Holton's trademark wit, genteel ladies who enjoy tea with their fisticuffs--and of course, oodles of magical murder birds. I was charmed from beginning to end!"

Jenna Levine, USA Today bestselling author 

“I adored India Holton's latest historical fantasy romance! My heart must be a bird, because Professors Beth Pickering and Devon Lockley have captured it. Holton writes with wit and whimsy, building a tender and sensual romance while sending her characters on a madcap adventure dotted with exotic birds, ruthless ornithologists, and a gaggle of very concerned French fishermen. The story is charming, swoonworthy, and delightfully nerdy, and Holton's prose sparkles with both sly humor and gorgeously rendered descriptions. This is a magically romantic delight.”

Sarah Hawley, author of A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon 

"India Holton remains the queen of comedic fantasy."

Olivia Waite, author of Half a Soul