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Why Romance Needs Its Tropes

"Often derided as clichés, tropes actually go much deeper than that. They reflect universal experiences and archetypes,

which is why they speak to us so strongly. After all, who hasn’t been snowed in with a handsome ranger

with whom one has a fraught but sexually charged relationship?"

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Interview for The League of Gentlewomen Witches

Authors in the Cosmos

The Debutante Ball

"Write your joy. It will result in an engaging book with an authentic voice – and will help you

cope with the endless rounds of reading and editing that book!"

Five Tips for Writing in a Fantastical World

The Big Idea with John Scalzi

"While I hadn’t set out to create a treatise on feminism (not even a wacky, ridiculous treatise

with bonking – on the head with parasols, if you please), looking back it seems inevitable that,

as a woman author writing about women with power, I was going to find myself addressing

feminist themes to some degree."

Magic In the Drafting Process

The Alliterates

Fresh Fiction