The Battle Of The Sexes 

Is About To Get Explosive


A prim and proper lady thief

must save her aunt from a crazed pirate

and his charming henchman

in this historical fantasy romcom.

Featuring dangerous ladies in flying houses,

dreamy men in tight trousers, 

and a romance that soars.

An Indie Bestseller

A New York Times Notable Book of 2021

Booklist Top 10 Debut Audiobook 2021

Amazon Editor's Pick

Content Warnings: non-graphic violence, murder, open-door sex scene

"The kind of book for which the word "rollicking" was invented. Holton is having as much fun as the English language will permit."

 New York Times Book Review 

"In this joyride of a debut, Holton draws us into a madcap world of courtly corsairs, murderous matrons, and pity-inspiring henchmen. Familiar romance tropes appear but as if in a fun-house mirror, with broad winks at their origins."

Kirkus Reviews

"This melds the Victorian wit of Sherlock Holmes with the brash adventuring of Indiana Jones . . . A sprightly feminist tale that offers everything from an atmospheric Gothic abbey to secret societies."

Entertainment Weekly 

"The most charming, clever, and laugh-out-loud funny book I've read all year—it is impossible to read The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels and not fall in love with its lady pirates, flying houses, and swoon-worthy romance. India Holton's utterly delightful debut is pure joy from start to finish."

Martha Waters,

author of To Have and to Hoax

"India's debut is charming, clever, action-packed, with masterful bantering-while-dueling choreography: it reminds me of The Princess Bride, except swoonier and more fantastical. It's an instant beloved favorite.”

Sarah Hogle,

author of You Deserve Each Other